M a k i n g  t h e  w o r l d  a  b e t t e r  p l a c e


*    1-on-1 Beautiful Coaching, Therapeutical Yoga

*    Yoga At Home

*    Group Classes

Most styles at Beautiful Yoga are not typically offered in yoga studios, combining knowledge from yoga, psychology, massage therapy and modern movement science. Honoring the tradition of yoga while taking care of our ‘modern’ bodies. Offering 1-on-1 sessions: This is how yoga was taught traditionally, with one student and one teacher, to achieve beautiful results. Having yoga classes at your home: For when you don’t have the opportunity or don’t feel like going out to a class. Group classes: For when you feel like sharing your practice in a group. We practice in a more personal atmosphere and in smaller groups to provide you the guidance and attention you and your body deserves. Have a look at the different treats to see how we can make your world more beautiful.


My mission is to make your world more beautiful so you can make the world more beautiful.

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