Beautiful Yoga started after Tara Chirimar traveled through her fatherland India and later on through Thailand to study yoga. “Especially the inner peace and quietude I experienced through yoga attracted me. Life seemed to get so much more light and so much more joyful! I also started to feel more fit & healthy than ever before. The greatest joy now is to see students acquiring the same through their practice. To see how they come in to do their workout and stretch or to stop the daily rush. An hour later they leave a totally new person; balanced, happy and relaxed.

Yoga and meditation are not a mysterious talent but are beautiful tools for us to reach deeper into our soul and the beauty of life. If a yoga class can contribute to that feeling for students in any way, even if it is just for a moment, then for me there’s nothing left to wish for.

With the start of Beautiful Yoga’s pop-up studio my biggest wish is to create this shift from the fallible mind into people’s hearts. To provide a moment of physical exercise, spiritual inspiration and connection to the Beautiful Yogi that lies within.”

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine” – buddha