Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Trikonasana is one of the most common practiced standing postures in Hatha Yoga. The posture may be difficult to perform due to different movements involved that may create blockage in easily reaching the full pose. However, a number of adjustments can be taken to fully enjoy the benefits and experience of Trikonasana.

The feet stand apart, with the hips externally (outwardly) rotated. The upper body will hinge from the hip over to the side of the front leg. Therefore, the front leg will get stretched (hamstrings), and the upper side of the body will stretch at the lower back and outer hip area as well as the side of the core (quadratus lomborum, obliques, and gluteus minimum and medius).

Common Mistakes
  • When the chest muscles (pectorals) are tight, the upper body will tend to collapse forwards and it will be hard to open the top arm straight upwards. It can help to bring the upper arm onto the hip joint and let is rest there. Also, bringing the body less deeply into the pose, keeping the trunk higher away from the ground, will require less flexibility in the chest. Postures to open the chest area will be helpful, such as puppy pose, reclined twists etc.

  • Tightness in the hamstrings may make it difficult to fold sideways from the pelvis. Keeping a bit more bend in the knees can alleviate this. Also, again bringing the body higher from the ground by supporting the lower hand on a block or higher up on the front leg can be of help.

  • Tendency to let the front thigh roll inwards. Therefore, make sure to activate the thigh, and keep a micro bend in the front knee.

Overall, this is a beautiful pose that works on many different parts of the body.  It also gives a great sense of calm as well as lightness and opening at the heart space. Therefore, embodying the aim of our Yoga practice; union of mind, body and soul, union with the existence.


Written by Tara Chirimar

Tara Chirimar is an E-RYT 500 / YACEP (YA) certified Yoga teacher and a certified psychologist. Her classes aim to inspire a higher connection to the self and to reach deeper into one’s soul, to the place of inner peace and stillness. Her classes focus on healthy and organic alignment while using meditation as the centre of the practice. Tara teaches Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin/Nidra/Meditation and has taught several thousands of classes over the last years.


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