14 March | Crystals + Rituals with Caressa Hesselman


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Saturday 14 March 13.00 – 15.00

Are you curious about crystals, but not sure how to connect with them? Learn all about crystals, how to choose the perfect one, how to cleanse them and how to create sacred moments and personal rituals with them. Crystals can offer tremendous support and guidance in our lives, are you ready to receive their magic?

We will: Choose a crystal individually and intuitively and then go into meditation with it to see what messages the stone contains for you. Hereafter an introduction about the crystals, how they work, how to use them in your daily life and how you can turn this into a ritual / holy moment. We will create a joint ‘intention setting’ ritual with the stone chosen earlier. You will take the crystal home with you.

About Caressa Hesselman

Caressa is a yoga teacher, artist and reiki therapist. Yoga has been a part of her life for so long, it’s the place where she finds her way back to herself over and over again. She believes that yoga is about connecting to the heart, cultivating awareness and intelligent alignment. On and off the mat. To heal the world we must first heal ourselves and yoga can be a tool to find the ground from which we give back to the world. Caressa’s happy place is when she makes intuitive crystal grid artwork, combining art with yoga to help others connect to their intuition and create straight from the soul makes her heart smile. 


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