Good Night Sleep

That a good night’s sleep is very important, we all know. But what problems might we experience if we do not get a good night sleep and how can we improve our night sleep with essential oils?

The benefits of Good Night Sleep

Good sleep helps to maintain mental, physical and emotional health. Spending time sleeping means that we offer our body time to repair and heal to be prepared for challenges awaiting us the next day. A healthy sleep cycle moves through five stages during the night. The first two stages are light sleep, easing us into sleep with a lowered heart rate. The official deep sleep phase comes in stages three and four. In these stages, our brain waves slow down. The final stage is called REM (Rapid Eyes Movement) when eyes move back and forth quickly. In this final stage, dreams may occur. A healthy sleep cycle is important for the body to reconstruct and go through its necessary maintenance.

Deprivation of Sleep

When we do not get enough rest or our sleep cycle is broken we might feel tired, irritable or unable to focus well throughout the day. Moreover, poor sleep makes us more vulnerable to irritability and mood swings making it harder for us to enjoy our everyday activities. Poor quality of sleep is also linked to migraines and sleep apnea headaches. Many people experiencing trouble with sleep have developed insomnia, a sleeping disorder that makes it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is usually a result of stress or a traumatic event and may cause energy deprivation.

Essential oils for Good Night’s Sleep

To help our bodies to get a good night’s rest we can use several essential oils. Certain essential oils help to promote relaxation which in turn encourage sound sleep. Essential oils can provide relief for disrupted sleep and improve sleep quality. Lavender is the most popular essential oil for sleep and relaxation. Lavender has a sedative effect helping us directly to fall asleep. Several studies recommend lavender oil for its effectiveness in improving sleep quality, increasing sleep amounts and elevating daytime alertness. Similarly, Chamomile oil is known to have calming and relaxing effects on our body and mind. It has a sedative effect helping us to fall asleep and the plant can be also enjoyed in the form of tea before bedtime. Bergamot lowers our heart rate and blood pressure and helps with stress and anxiety, allowing us to get to restful sleep.

You can massage the essential oils into your neck, onto shoulders or feet to support deeper relaxation before bedtime. You can also use essential oils to add a nice smell to your pillow before bedtime. To add a relaxing scent to your pillow, shake a drop of a sleep-promoting essential oil onto a cotton pad and place it by your pillow in the evening for an hour. You may also unwind by using essential oils in your bath before sleeping time. They help you to calm down your body and mind and prepare you for a good night’s rest. Do not forget to dilute the essential oils with carrier oil if recommended when using directly on your body.

We wish you a good night’s sleep!

Written by Patricia Rovna

Patricia is a host & social media intern at Beautiful Yoga. ‘I’m really passionate about the practice of yoga. I’m always looking for some new types of yoga and to learn about the poses and myself. My excitement with yoga and spiritual lifestyle comes from believing in the power of energy, love and presence.’


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