Beautiful Yoga is dedicated to bring ritualistic moments of physical exercise, spiritual inspiration and wellbeing into everyday life.

our practice



taking a moment out of your daily life where you can escape, be in the present and recharge



connecting with your inner self, aligning your mind and your body



dedicating time to yourself on a regular basis



making use of all the senses (like touch and aroma) to create an immersive experience

From our perspective, Yoga goes way beyond the idea of having a workout.
We offer an integrated moment of inner connection to that beautiful part of ourselves that allows us to be happy. We share these moments in the form of yoga rituals: a combination of techniques (postures, meditation, aromas, healing touch) that Yoga provides us in order to make our lives beautiful and meaningful.

Practicing Yoga affects our bodies as well as our state of mind. It works on our physical, mental, psychological and spiritual layers. After a Yoga class, we often feel that everything falls into place in the world around us. Every moment in it becomes beautiful, every person becomes beautiful, every thing becomes beautiful. Ultimately, it’s the eyes we are looking through that have become beautiful.

Our wish is for our students to experience the beauty inside of themselves.
As they visit our classes again, we provide a space that allows them to experience this every time, encouraging their days to flourish in beauty. And in turn, they can share their beauty with the world.


Beautiful Yoga

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