Alicia Berkvens

Movement has always brought Alicia a great sense of freedom and happiness. Since she was a little girl she danced for years and got introduced to yoga and meditation as a teenager. Not until some years later did she truly experienced the deeper benefits of yoga, and it positively turned her world around. Through both strong active flows and soft gentle practices, Alicia loves to pass on the knowledge that has given her so much. Off the mat she works on her PhD in computational biology, and her love for nature and understanding life is something that inspires her classes.

Cecilia Adoree

Cecilia discovered Yin Yoga when she moved to Amsterdam and noticed that she got easily caught up in the yang-energy of the city. She felt like Yin yoga was invented to make her feel at home again in her body, heart and mind. Finding this safe way to explore her inner world and learning to become soft had an effect on every facet of her life. In her classes, Cecilia’s focus lays on learning to listen to the body and look through the lens of compassion towards yourself and the world around you.

Next to being a yin yogi, Cecilia is working as an actress, where she’s constantly connecting her body and mind. She aims for her students to leave the class feeling connected to themselves and their bodies again. For her it’s very important that students feel the freedom to adjust every pose for themselves: every body is different and it’s about what they feel in a pose, not what it looks like. In the classes we practice being and letting go of ambition, while sinking into our bodies. We are human beings, not human doings after all. Finding this balance between yin and yang energy in our lives is a constant journey, and Cecilia is happy to share a route to more yin-energy and guide you, finding this balance.

Flavia Larocca

Amidst the chaos of a hectic life moving through 4 countries in 5 years, and working in Marketing and Communication, getting in touch with the yoga practice has responded to a much-sought need for grounding and peace for Flavia. It has represented a home to find within herself wherever she is. Yoga has also opened her eyes to a new way to use her body, breath and mind as a whole, allowing her to achieve a sense of balance and wellbeing that she had never experienced before.

Flavia is trained in both Ashtanga and Vinyasa and teaches both styles, trying to bring a creative, playful and kind vibe in her classes. She always seeks balance: between physical awareness and spiritual purpose, challenge and kindness, cherishing and letting go.

Kendra Torino

Kendra is a proven and passionate leader with experience in healthcare and wellness, business administration, and hospitality management. Seeking enriching career development in innovative industries, utilizing a disciplined yoga practice as a framework for personal growth.

Luna Josephine

As a former ballet dancer, Luna was often confronted with perfection, which led her to this endless circle of never being enough… until Yoga came into her life, thanks to her spiritual mother. Yoga, or the unexpected healer, changing her entire perspective. Born in Paris, Luna then moved around a lot – living in different countries between the Middle East and Europe – as a kid, teenager and young adult.

Craving knowledge and searching for a deeper way to heal her wounds, she had done several trainings in order to find her own movement practice and own way of guiding that is very much connected to her dance background.

She believes that through movement, we express hidden emotions. Luna guides emotions in motion, poetry of the body.

Maryam Hassouni

Maryam’s very first experience with yoga was in 2011 in New York City at a shabby place in the lower east side; ‘yoga to the people.’ It was donation based, packed, humid and very intense. She hated it! However, she kept returning to the yoga studio and by slowly building up her practice, she started to fall in love with it. Yoga changed Maryam’s life in a beautiful and magical way. Her passion for the practice is the reason why she started to teach. In her classes she wants to infect the students with the yoga virus! It’s the best feeling ever.

Tara Chirimar

Tara is the founder and owner of Beautiful Yoga. Tara grew up in Amsterdam with a Dutch mother and Indian father. She got to taste Yoga from an early age. After finishing her master’s in Psychology, she decided to start her Yoga education. Yoga studies brought her back to her fatherland, where she dove deeper into the physics, philosophy and therapeutics of Yoga.

Now she has done a large amount of trainings in The Netherlands, India, Thailand & Bali and passionately teaches groups, private & corporate sessions.

Starting Beautiful Yoga two years ago, was the extension of this inner and outer journey.

“The inner beauty I felt through these moments of physical exercise, spiritual inspiration and well-being made Beautiful Yoga come to life. I found healing in Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Chanting, Essential Oils & Healing Touch.

I wish and trust that you will find healing there too. May our classes offer a moment for you to connect to the most beautiful part of yourself. And may you in turn, share your beauty with the world.”

Natalie Glomsda

With a background in Psychology, Natalie is passionate about mindset and mental wellbeing. Having experienced anxiety, depression and a mental breakdown, she found kundalini yoga as a way to reconnect with herself, find forgiveness and empower herself to move forward. She infuses concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neurolinguistics programming (NLP) in her kundalini classes, specifically designed to help those experiencing mental unwellness.

Outside teaching yoga, Natalie hosts ‘the Mindset and Mental Wellbeing’ podcast (available on Spotify), runs bi-weekly mindset workshops at the ‘Amsterdam Mental Wellbeing’ Meetup Group (come join for free!) and is currently working on a beautifully illustrated coffee table book ‘Viveka: the Mental Wellbeing Tool Book’ with her best friend and talented graphic designer (coming soon!).

Lydia Sullivan

Lydia has been practicing yoga since her late teens and now loves to share her favourite form of nourishment in her Yin and Flow classes. Lydia’s teaching focuses on intuitive movement that helps students to land in their bodies and find balance. Lydia has trained in massage therapy and is currently a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and will be sharing her new knowledge of meridians and acupressure each week. She has a healthy addiction to coffee and dark chocolate, and when she’s not teaching or studying you’ll find her paddle boarding down the canals. 


Beautiful Yoga


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Beautiful Yoga


(+31) 6 4394 9249

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