4 Holiday Celebration Tips (for 2020)

·      We are used to go out and get social during festive times. As this might not be an option this year, find sweetness in the opportunities that are available. Start with an attitude of acceptance of what is, rather than what is not. Help yourself to set a positive mindset, by scheduling time for self-care, yoga, meditation, journaling, or walking outside in nature.


·      Use this free time as an opportunity to move deeper inwards. Sit down silently, observing the sensations in your body, the movement of your breath, the movements of your thoughts. Allow it all in, and feel it through. Then ask yourself the question ‘what does my heart deeply long for?’, and allow any deep held intentions for the new year to rise to the surface. Sometimes the most beautiful insights arise from sitting with one self. It might just change your whole perspective, and set the tone for the future.


·      Treat not only your loved ones, but especially yourself, to something you would really love to do or get! Your worth it and it’s ok to treat yourself! What could make your week more beautiful? (Tip: we’re hosting a special One Day Retreat in the new year – a great opportunity to start the new year with inner peace and celebration).


·      Using extra time for self-care:

       Give yourself a sweet self-massage (check out our IGTV for a short foot self-massage)

       Apply a drop of any oil you love to your wrists, sit down for 10 minutes and take some deep breaths (all our social followers can get a free bottle of oil at our studio!)

       Read an inspiring book

       Listen to nourishing music, such as mantra’s (check out ‘Beautiful Yoga’ on Spotify)

       Enjoy time with YOU, without having to do anything at all!

Written by Tara Chirimar

Tara Chirimar is an E-RYT 500 / YACEP (YA) certified Yoga teacher and a certified psychologist. Her classes aim to inspire a higher connection to the self and to reach deeper into one’s soul, to the place of inner peace and stillness. Her classes focus on healthy and organic alignment while using meditation as the centre of the practice. Tara teaches Hatha/Vinyasa/Yin/Nidra/Meditation and has taught several thousands of classes over the last years.


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