2 workshops: Living Self Love & Living Creativity by Ellemijn Nonkes


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Friday 16th October + 13th November: 19.00-21.00

The workshops take place in a circle.
The first hour we open the Circle with a short grounding meditation.
After you will be introduced to the Living Yoga theme of choice. We will dive deeper into the understanding of this theme by several assignments, awareness practices and conscious sharing of information.

After this hour you will be led into a guided (visualisation) meditation on the theme of choice. We set an intention for our Yoga Practice to bring awareness to our journey on the mat.

After the Yoga Practice, we create a Collective Yoga Circle, where we share ideas, take time to journal, drink teas, eat sweets and share stories and experiences.

The attendees will leave the workshop with personal insights, practices, rituals and self-awareness and most importantly, a nice investment in themselves.

‘Finding purpose and understanding in the things we do daily, that is exactly what Living Yoga is to me.’

About Ellemijn Nonkes

Hi sweet you, my name is Ellemijn. I am very grateful to be part of the Beautiful Yoga studio. During my last year in University I started doing yoga.  Yoga entered my life in a period where I was very far away from being myself. After a period of traveling the world, doing several studies and having beautiful experiences, I landed here: in Amsterdam.

After my first yoga class I recognized something that I had been ignoring for a long time:
I felt my body, each and every corner of my body.
I felt my breath, deepening and exploring depth with every inhale, releasing with every exhale.
I felt aware. Aware of where I was, what I felt, what I was thinking and how I could observe all of these layers.

This awareness got me curious.
Now, six years later, yoga became the foundation in my life. The practice of Yoga led me to a new way of living. A lifelong practice, where we all learn and get to know ourselves and build a relationship with one of the most important relationships in your life: the relationship that you have with yourself.

Besides teaching yoga classes, I organise workshops and events that help you to reconnect with yourself. We take the practice from the mat into our daily life, where we start to live yoga. I believe that we practice yoga, in whatever form,  to reconnect with ourselves while we start to recognize all of the layers of our being.

My curiosity and interest for a healthy, holistic lifestyle, Ayurveda, Taoism, femininity, Astrology, self love, rituals and sacred practices are found in my teachings.

There is no one size fits all approach in my philosophy. I hope to inspire you to become you, by trying new practices and taking the time to get to know what works for you.


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